All Fun And Games


As I ponder my completion of my Game Design studies the occasion seems to be more of a realisation rather than a celebration. The unfortunate truth in this rather glimmering environment is that many of us are not employable, many of us are going be taken advantage of, many of us will not get that one opportunity everybody strives for. It’s a sad and relentless truth that many of the students choose to study in the games industry because they literally think it’s going to be all fun and games. The damaging effect on recruitment cannot really be measured by a number, but the slander on the industry itself will be the most impactful. The close minded excuse that there aren’t any jobs available cannot replace the realism that it’s self-inflicted compared to an issue as a whole.

I myself have been very fortunate to be one of the Design students to be chosen for an exclusive interview for an internship in an established games studio. Even though it might end up being only an interview the learning experience and the recognition for being one of the lucky 6 chosen for this opportunity will last a lifetime. I have no doubt that I will accomplish my overall goals and succeed in the games industry, because I will keep striving to be the best that I can possibly be, and continue to learn and grow with every opportunity. My overall opinion on this matter may be incorrect or biased, but it has been my experience over the course of a year and a half of being in this particular environment, mixed together with people outside of the industry, particularly their first thoughts or reaction when I present them the topic in which I am studying.

Hopefully one day the rest of the world will open its eyes to the realisation that we are hardworking, creative and dedicated people and if you want to succeed you’re going to have to work for it, an idea means nothing, it’s what you do with it that can change the world. We as game Designers, Artists and Programmers go through the endless hours of heartache to make everybody’s a bit more enjoyable. My last piece of advice to anyone thinking about joining the games industry is to do your research and talk to people in the industry to get a better perspective. I’ve fallen in love with creating games but to people that have no knowledge about the industry I’m sorry, but it really isn’t all fun and games.