Girls Play Minecraft!


Charlotte laid on her bed reading, she loved the book series the crafter’s club. Sometimes I wish I got sucked in the minecraft world, Charlotte said to herself. She put down her book and went to join her twin sister Chloe in the lounge room to play minecraft. An hour later……Still playing minecraft. Girls are you still playing minecraft? I said turn it off! Anyway its homework time, called their Dad. Charlotte sighed, in minecraft you don’t have to do your homework.

The next morning… Before Charlotte went to school she went through the rules of fitting in. 1: Don’t tell anyone you sleep in a double bed with your twin sister 2: Don’t tell anyone you like snuggly toys and baby dolls. Now for the most important rule of all 3: DON’T TELL ANYONE YOU LIKE MINECRAFT! Then Charlotte walked to school with Chloe, reminding her the rules on the way. Charlotte sat in her desk before school listening to all the boys talking about minecraft and how girls can’t play games. It made her angry when people said that. She just wanted to yell out GIRLS PLAY MINECRAFT! But the bell rang for class.

She just wanted to yell out GIRLS PLAY MINECRAFT!

The teacher walked up to the front of the class. “Good morning everyone! Today I have a special announcement, because today we are doing an all about me project,” yelled the teacher excitedly. An all about me project? Charlotte thought. This your chance to show everyone that GIRLS PLAY MINECRAFT! Spoke a tiny voice inside of the back of her head. Charlotte knew what she had to do!

Okay time to present your assignments, said the teacher. Charlotte was first, all eyes watching her. “Hi my name is Charlotte Baxter,” she said in a loud voice. One of the things that I like to do is play minecraft, and I know what you’re thinking. Girls can’t play games, they’ll be hopeless at it. But that is not true. I’m sick of the words GIRLS DON’T PLAY GAMES. Games are meant for everyone. I used to think it mattered what you think but it doesn’t. My opinion is all that matters . Thank you, that is my presentation, Charlotte finished. Everyone stood and clapped cheering GIRLS PLAY GAMES. From that day on Charlotte never heard anyone say girls don’t play games ever again.

Wait sorry just daydreaming. This is what really happened: Everybody clapped really quietly over the two boys booing, and Lachlan said the worst words you could’ve ever said to a gamer girl. Girls don’t play games! Stupid future man babies.