Never Gonna Give You Up – From Teaching to Making Art


I’m a Character Designer and 2D Concept Artist/Illustrator for Games and Animation.

I get excited about visual storytelling!

I blog and reflect about my art journey at my blog.

I podcast about Art & Life lessons at the Hermit Burpcast.

I BurpTalk about Games & Entertainment on YouTube.

You may recall my GCAP Speaker BurpDoodles.

Or my full recap post about Melbourne International Games Week 2015.

Introduction aside, I’ll briefly talk about why I do what I do.

Why am I an artist for Games & Animation?

I made a career change.  

I finally accepted who I really wanted to be.

I had the resolve to actually fight to do what I believe in.

It has been a long mental battle against all the conditioning that a creative career was statistically almost an impossibility. Objectively, this is true. Plus, I had no support network or role model to encourage me otherwise. Drawing is a worthless skill to have apparently. Believed I have to simply be miserable and somehow exist for the rest of my life. Certainly a shared experience by many!

Things only clicked when I could not pretend anymore.

As much as it is admirable to lead future generations, being a Maths & I.T. high school teacher was definitely not my strength. Namely managing rebellious teenagers as an introverted and quiet individual.

Ultimately because of this, I was not respected as a teacher by most of my colleagues and students.

I was tired of hating myself and feeling worthless as a human being.

Of being a failure despite countless feedback sessions and teaching approaches.

Of being sleep deprived and finding no joy or time for anything else.

Of my own stubbornness. For believing that I can make anything I do, work.

Of sinking in this self-made prison.

As much as I care about them, I cannot live my life trying to please my traditional parents.

As much as I love learning, I had to accept that I did not belong as a high school teacher.

I need to take back some control of my life.

Off I went to explore what to do with my love for BurpDoodling.

For once, I felt free.

I’ll stop my abridged story here as I go further on my blog & podcast.

But my cheesy takeaways for you?

Take control of your life.

Love, respect and believe in yourself.

Don’t give up completely.

Keep learning with an open mind.

Currently I juggle with personal projects & learning. Plus I do art for an upcoming visual novel called Maid with Love.

Lastly thanks to the kind suggestion of Game Developer Tony Coculuzzi, I’m gauging interest for BurpAvatars in this form

My Ambitious Mission for BurpAvatars is to draw as many cool industry people I know and/or admire! By the 4th of December, openings for input will close. But the form for updates alone will remain open!

Thanks for reading!