Oh my god hello, how are you, welcome to PlayWrite, would you like any refreshments, a soda?

Another games writing site? Really?

Yes. Really.

PlayWrite was borne out of a desire to build a community of people who love to play games, who love to make games, and who love to think, talk, read and write about games.

PlayWrite is a community – your community.

Here at PlayWrite, we are a diverse bunch, we are developers, researchers, journalists, students, teachers, artists, and just about any other occupation you can think of; but we all have something in common, we all love games.

You don’t need to be a journalist or a games writer to write an article here. It is not meant to be a specific review site. Or academic critique. Or promotional bulletin board. Or anything specific like that. It can be any of those things, but moreso, it’s for just about anything as long as it’s related to gameplay or the games community.

So you want to write about the first time you played a video game? Perfect.
A feminist discourse analysis of The Last of Us? Perfect.
Pitching your game idea for community feedback? Perfect.
The new boardgame that you played with your kids last week? Perfect.
The new game that you are making and why? Perfect.

PlayWrite is written by everyone, for everyone.

You are very welcome here.

Yours in play & writing,

Jane Cocks (@jatosha)
Founder of PlayWrite

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Image credit & text inspiration: fish629