Valentines Play


As we approach Valentines, @laurclinn has put together a list of bizarre, heartfelt and special games that explore sexuality.

While the ‘real’ world often associates romance too directly with sex, games and game creators don’t approach or play with sensual or sexual concepts nearly enough.

Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day!

Ladykiller in a Bind by Love Conquers All Games

This game was high on my GOTY 2016 list, due to being ambitious and complex in its approach to interpersonal and sexual relationships. It’s super queer, polished and unique. Lovers of social politics, romance, choice-driven mechanics and boobs will have a great time.

Nachtigal by Cyanide Tea

This selection is less overtly sexual than all the others. The protagonist lady is excellent, the UI is beautiful, and the two vampire boys are well-written, compelling and pretty. The game sizzles with the best kind of sensual vampire tropes, I love it.

Coming Out on Top by Obscurasoft

Sweet, thoughtful and genuinely surprising game with gay male experiences/relationships. Be aware this game has graphic art – the first time my player character had sex, I choked on my tea and blushed furiously. The developer has added more body diverse characters since I first played, and you can toggle body and facial hair – yay!

SABBAT: DIRECTOR’S KVT by oh no problems

Satanic, hilarious and cool. I made some weird choices which created a new demon vagina constantly birthing wolves. Which is to say, this game is amazing. Play it with the music turned up.

The Radiator 2 Collection by Robert Yang

This three-game bundle includes Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent and Stick Shift. Extremely and wonderfully homoerotic while never graphic/explicit, Yang creates interactive experiences that explore elements/themes of modern gay male sexuality. Hurt Me Plenty is a genuinely instructive ‘consent experience’ involving spanking, Succulent involves phallic items in and around mouths, and Stick Shift is about a guy who kinda really wants to fuck a car. Special mention also goes out to his dick pic experience game, Cobra Club.

Starfighter: Eclipse by Hamletmachine and Date Nighto

Gay boys in space! A sci-fi mystery! Starfighter: Eclipse is a visual novel set in the Starfighter webcomic universe. The tone is serious and introspective, while still offering romance and sexy times. It’s smart, sweet and anyone who is mean to Selene is totally in my bad books.

Do you have any odd, compelling sexy games to recommend, or have a really weird date experience playing some of the above? Let @laurclinn know!

The list is dedicated to Lauren’s business wife @steggy_, celebrating her upcoming BlushBox Games appearance at Screenshake 2017 (Belgium).