Anime Tie Ins: Eureka Seven New Wave

Eureka Seven New Wave was the first official tie in game for the anime series Eureka Seven. Released on the Playstation 2 in October of 2005, this game had a narrative plotline that ran parallel with the main series. I originally picked this game up for my ps2 as I was a fan of the anime and really wanted to do the awesome things that I saw in the show. Mainly because the robots in the show, called LFOs, were giant robots that flew around in the sky on giant surfboards that blew each other up from time to time.

I wasn’t ready for what I was about to play.

I should start off with a couple of positives before I roast this game I guess. I can honestly say that the in LFO ground combat was the most fleshed out part of the game. And from time to time it was fun. The atmosphere of the anime was there, with the game being separated into episodes with intros and such. There were a few nods to the anime here and there and the final mission ties the game firmly into the franchise.

So what is so bad about it then?

Basically everything else is sub-par, which is kind of sad considering some of the things that were so poorly executed in the game are the things that the anime was praised for. The first issue was the sound and music. While the anime was praised for its electro sound track, the game just fails to reproduce the same feeling, and sound quality for that matter, with 1 minute tracks looping over and over. Having seen the anime first; I also expected a dark conspiracy based plot line. Sadly we have a supporting character feuding with us for another characters love for the first ¼, then there’s some stuff about arms dealers, a heap of ham-fisted does she love me, does she love me not stuff and then the only mission I care about, the mission where I got to fly the Nirvash Type Zero, the main LFO from the show. I’m not sure if I only care about this mission due to scarcity, because there was literally 10 minutes of flying time in the whole game, one tutorial mission and the final battle. In place of the air combat was way too much on foot combat with a control system that could confuse a Metal Gear Solid fan. The in game store had a habit of crashing the game, forcing you to repeat levels. I didn’t mind the graphics but I think the frame rate dipped from time to time, going from stable to lag city as quickly you could say, well, lag city. There were also over powered weapons that, if I’m completely honest, kinda made the game more fun (the double heavy laser comes to mind with the double fire glitch). The final thing that kills it for me is how thick the main character is. I get that this is based off an anime and as such thick main characters seems almost par for the course but this is a character that fails to see through disguises that even I saw through, and I gave up paying attention a quarter way into the game. Considering that the anime had me so hooked that I went out and bought the DVDs to finish it before the TV run was done, the game should not do this, it should have my attention from start to finish.

Now I must stress that it does have its moments, the final battle being amazing for me as a fan. But overall it just feels boring and a letdown compared to a really good anime. So mediocre with some glaring flaws, playable if a bit broken. Forgettable, unlike it successor which I’ll discuss next week, and sadly, its’ successor is unforgettable for the wrong reasons.

Image credit: Bones Studios “Eureka 7”