Battlefront, breaking benchmarks


Servers flooded as the new Star Wars Epic opened its doors to the public on October the 8th, 2015. EA games admitted that at 9 million users, it is the biggest game beta in the publisher’s history. Not only does this remake of the classic saga break records in the amount of user hype, it also sets a very high standard in terms of scale, graphics and game play awesomeness that game enthusiasts / star wars nerds (myself) have come to know and love.

I had the pleasure of testing the game and my mind, in fact, did explode. After cleaning the up the pieces of my cranial display I was left with a stunningly beautiful, high paced, Star Wars battlefield that pulls you in a does not let you go so easily. After a mere half hour of play I was convinced. DICE have really out done themselves and I paid a meagre $38.00 (R499.00) for a pre-order hard copy. For what this game brings to the table it is a bargain. The game is set to release on November the 17th, pre-orders may have a week of early access.

The game features multiplayer battles of epic proportions, featuring teams of 20 (40 players in total) as the Rebellion wages its fight for survival against the tyrannical Empire. Players can see through the eyes of their soldier or trail behind in 3rd person mode through an environment that makes you feels as if you’re in the movies.

As a foot soldier, a player can customize their avatar with looks and weapons, tailoring themselves to the battle at hand. The fun does not stop there as pilots take to the skies in the beloved classic star fighters. If flying and falling was not enough, you can take control of a giant walker or two, dominating the battlefield or play as one of your favourite Star Wars heroes.

Hope is not lost for those of us without limitless high-speed internet. You can play through various offline scenarios and challenges with some sneak peaks into the lore behind the upcoming movie. Star Wars Fan or not, there is something for everyone is this game.

There are a few down sides to the game, including the relatively high specs for a PC gamer to play it, (I’m going to need a new graphics card for this one, ouch) and a decent-enough internet connection. Only the enemy enjoys your lag. Seriously. Other than the micro dream machine you will need to play this it does deliver an astounding value for you money punch.

Despite mixed reviews after the beta test I am still truly excited to play more and to see what other adventures await in a galaxy far far away…

Image Credit: EA