Those Post Con Blues

It’s 5.59pm on the final day off a Con. The announcer over the PA said that you should make your way to the nearest exit, and the Con staff are breaking down the displays in the hope they get home before midnight. Sometime between this moment and when you wake the next morning, a common feel is something like this.


Expanded, the sentiment is; “I felt something really, really awesome in an artificial space, and now I’m back to my real life.” Real life might be sad for some, awesome for others, but different for all.

If you’re a post con blues type (I am), here’s a few thoughts that might help.

  1. The World Where You Live
    Reconnect in a positive way with where your heart normally lives. Hug a loved one, call an old friend, be wistful about how much better your bed is to that thing you slept on in the hotel. It’s your real life, and it has been for a while now. Immediately embrace why it’s the way that it is, leaving behind the comparison to con feelings. Cons are a drug, real life is sustenance. However, this leads me to point two….
  1. Don’t Dream Its Over
    What did you learn? About yourself, or others. Maybe just about that game you’re going to preorder, maybe about a new working direction for your entire life. Build a bridge between your reality and the dream state of a Con ASAP. Plan before the dream fades. For me, I’m writing this. This is how I can, so I am.
  1. Private Universe
    You are not alone. If you wore a pass, you felt the feels. Made a friend from the con? Email them now. Your world and your dream begins to merge in practical ways, and since we are creatures of connection, geek out with someone else, and listen to their plans. Feet on the ground, eyes to the stars.
  1. Everything Is Good For You
    Re-enter your sustainable life in total. Return to a healthy balance of sleep, caffeine, alcohol, social, work, gaming, and everything else. Cons can be the drug of all that is good for the three odd days that we can remain upright. That unsustainable compromise leads to collapse, and very much contributes to post con blues. Your next 24 hours can be more than your pre-con life with great planning, but it still demands the basics. If part of your commitment to yourself is to be changing and adapting in 3-6 months time, your best predictor of those outcomes are repeated applications of a 24 hour period of time. Your brain needs its basic needs met if its going to allow you to think clearly about your future. Act within your reality, but act deliberately.

Finally, its always important to remember some basic mental health respect. If you were going ok within yourself before the Con, but experience a lull, it’s likely you’re going to reintegrate to your life just fine. If things were a bit strained prior, the pressure of a Con, AND the returning slump, might be a larger trigger for mental health concerns. If you’re concerned about yourself, always go and chat with a medical doctor, or a registered mental health professional.

I’ve chosen to fight. That’s my plan. Push, push, push. Need to do more? Push. What’s your plan?


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